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Are you living day by day with chronic tight shoulders? Have you ever wished someone at home could give them a good quality massage for at least 10 minutes everyday without complaining or getting tired?

Do you have someone at home willing to give you a massage if they only had the right tools to learn?

 OR Are you someone who is willing to learn to deliver skilled techniques for someone you know and love that would appreciate and benefit from your hands on work?

If so? Then YOU ARE here not by chance but by FATE! I'm so very excited for you!

Hi there! My name is Cynthia Thomas. I've been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 8 years and I'm the proud owner of Locust Grove Wellness specializing in awesome massage therapy to help relieve neck & shoulder tension. 

I created a special How- To course that may change your life!

Imagine this, you spend the day in your normal activities such as work, school, gym, home making etc. After a long day of "such is life" moments, you finally take a hot shower and relax into your comfy PJ's. 

Then your partner/ friend/ son/ daughter comes in and says, "Alrighty, everything is ready for your massage tonight."

They proceed to give you a very relaxing and soothing, well delivered, 30 minute massage to your scalp, neck and shoulders all in the comfort of your own home!

After 30 minutes you raise your head from the pillow you've slobbered all over because you became so relaxed! 

Your Giver has given you an outstanding experience, you feel A-Mazing and your relationship with them has strengthened due to the consistency of these intimate and restorative moments. 

Better yet, imagine becoming the one WITH this wonderful skill that once learned, can only get better and better the more you help others through the gift of touch! 

Seriously, it's a win for everyone! 

This is what Massage Your Tribe Academy is offering you:

  • A Shoulder Massage Video course with step by step instructions on how to deliver techniques with accuracy
  • Helpful tips on creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for your loved one
  • Theory on being intentional, proactive and fully present for the experience
  • A fully scripted guideline for the complete session from start to end so you feel confident in your delivery
  • Community group support throughout the journey of the course
  • Direct LIVE support from me on a WEEKLY basis to answer all questions and speak directly to you about your learning progress. 
  • Lifetime access to the course to stay updated with changes and future add-ons

MYT Academy is not a mere instruction video on how to stroke skin. We've designed this to be what could be considered the beginning of a transformative experience that aims to strengthen and support your bonds with the very people You LOVE that form Your Tribe.


How to Give an Extraordinary Shoulder Massage Experience

An online video course on creating the perfect ambiance at home along with how-to techniques for a complete shoulder routine.


This is finally your chance to learn and develop a beautiful skill that can change and benefit your life as well as those you love! Go ahead and join so we can get started. I'm excited to meet you and support you as you transform into an amazing Giver!

Read Below for the Bonuses You Get!

Your success matters to us which is why we are giving you extra tools and support to help you with your learning journey.

  • Bonus material

    As a bonus you will also get a FREE E-Workbook summarizing the valuable information shared in the course. There is also space available for you to take notes on the different techniques that we've covered. We also include a step by step instruction from beginning to end in order to guide your session to get you started on the right foot!

  • Bonus Support

    We will have a supportive Community for you to be a part of so you can learn alongside others doing this for the first time. You can bring all your insight and questions to the Community group which I will be overseeing. On TOP of that, I will also have a LIVE Stream Schedule to SHOW UP each week to support all of our students on any questions or concerns you may have as you are learning and developing this new found skill. I will NOT leave you in the dark, I PROMISE!

  • Personal Message to the Recipient

    Although the course focuses on teaching the student how to be a Giver, I do include a message specifically to the special person receiving the massage, to address important things they should know that will help them create a more beneficial experience. The experience of the massage session depends on BOTH the Giver and the Receiver. I really intended to set up a well rounded experience for both participants.


You are signing up to receive The Complete Shoulder Massage Video Course with step by step instructions on how to deliver techniques with accuracy, tips on creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for your loved ones, theory on being proactive and fully present, guidelines to deliver a complete session confidently, community group support, direct LIVE support from Yours Truly on a WEEKLY basis & lifetime access to the course. So much value for you! I want to help you. I want to support you on your path to becoming a skilled Giver for your tribe. Let's do this!