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For the Master Tribe Giver

Monthly Subscription Program

Are you truly loving what massage is doing for you and your loved ones? Have you started connecting in a deeper way through our academy and would love to keep delivering quality experiences to your tribe? We are excited to inform you about our monthly subscription program! We are designing complete, tailored massage routines that will vary each month focusing on different aspects, providing you with a well rounded experience and help you navigate through building your hands-on skills, proper body mechanics, and building your onsite presence to name a few! Prepare for much personal growth in this program! This is where the fun truly begins! You also get access to our VIP Support Group where I will personally run Live Bi-weekly streaming to support you as best I can. This is truly where the fun begins!

Complete Partner Massage Course

This is where the beautiful magic begins for creating and building healthy relationships with the foundation being one of intimate respect and selflessness. Through this course series, the giver will learn to give in a face down/face up position and will learn how to take their time delivering a variety of techniques. This course is filled with detailed theory about different strokes, hand positions, body mechanics, lubricants to use, as well as WHEN NOT to give a massage. We will cover general and local contraindications to educate on measures to take when faced with health issues. There will be a variety of techniques demonstrated for each of the areas. This course is broken up into three different segments. Upper body, lower body, & Face, hands, and feet. Each segment will have modifications for side lying positioning. For this reason, the course will be packed with lots of lessons and demonstrations, therefore being created and sold separately and also combined into a bundle offer.

Prenatal Massage Course

We know that the gift of pregnancy brings with it physical challenges as the body continues to shift into its ever growing new state. We would love to support your prenatal journey by offering a complete massage course on what your loved one can do for you in the comfort of your home. We would offer tips on how to enhance the comfort of lying on your side with pillows and towel bolsters. The giver would learn how to deliver soothing techniques to the scalp, shoulders, arms, hands, back, hips, and feet as the expectant mom lies comfortably on her side. Having these skills in the comfort of your home will make for a very rewarding wellness experience as it can be used anytime, especially during moments of more exhaustion or discomfort. This course is a MUST HAVE for ALL expectant families! =)

It is incredible to see that over 70% of women are incorporating massage into their birth plan. Out of that percentage, a whopping 82% have reported massage being helpful and expressed appreciation for having their support team offer soothing techniques to enhance their birthing experience. In the course, the Giver will learn how to offer soothing strokes for the shoulders, arms, back, and hips, compressions, especially to the hips, and therapeutic touch where the hand is placed but not moving, to serve as a reassuring presence. The giver will be given tips on moving along with the expectant mother without seeming to overcrowd her. This course is without a doubt, a necessary tool for anyone who will play a vital role in supporting the expectant family.

Massage for the Athletic Child

Do you have children that are involved in active movement or sports? Children and young people involved in variety of sports and activities undergo much muscular stress. There is plenty of research to prove there is no doubt they greatly benefit from consented therapeutic massage to promote quicker recovery and enhance physical performance.

In this course, prior to learning techniques, the Giver learns to communicate with the child about what healthy touch is. 

They also learn to explain boundaries of what is appropriate, and they learn to ask for the child's consent prior to each and every session they give. 

The Giver is first educated on their serious role and limitations they must respect. 

The course is designed help the Giver educate the child to understand that it is good for the child to receive but also empowers the child to decide when they prefer to receive or not. 

In this course, the Giver also learns to deliver specific techniques to the scalp, shoulders, upper back, mid back, lower legs, and feet. 

The children are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes. It is NOT necessary for them to disrobe to receive effective massage. 

We offer special instruction specific to the low back, glutes and upper legs. 

We are incredibly cautious about this particular course as we know Child Exploitation is very real. We want to insist on the seriousness of being a Giver to children. This course does NOT GRANT permission for the student to offer massage to children outside of their immediate household members.

Massage for Loved Ones Receiving Palliative/Hospice Care

Do you have a loved one undergoing palliative care? We understand that it can be very frustrating to witness someone we love undergoing difficult challenges. Many are left feeling a strong desire to help in some way. For this reason, we designed a course where the Giver can learn to safely and with loving intention, deliver a therapeutic touch that offers reassurance of one's full present support. Bonding in this way truly solidifies the meaning of a selfless and yet immense expression of love and loyalty. Touch, in itself, becomes the language of strength, hope and faith. In this course, the Giver learns soothing techniques for the fingers, hands, arms, feet, scalp, ears, and face. Our theory also touches base on holding space for ourselves as well as our loved ones. We've put careful thought into this course as we've considered the varied discomforts our loved ones could experience. The results of learning and delivering from this course, will be so much more than just technique. This course is a MUST for anyone desiring to truly experience the intimate power of Touch.

There are more courses coming soon!

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